Free stuff network cables server shaped objects network switches bike parts

cat5 network cables in boxes unterminated,
older servers 2008 era /2010
10/100/1000 network switches
LED light fixtures, unknown condition, some yellowing on panels some driver might be dead.
T8 T5 lights,
Have some bike parts rims, 700c 26" tyres of various conditons.

All Free.


I’ll take some of the cable, And the bike parts, if nobody wants them, can go to kickstand or our community bikes. I can facilitate that.



I’ll take the network switches! Can also take some stuff to the Hackery if you need.


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How many LED panels? VHS lounge is super dark, and I could also use one or two personally.

I’m interested on the bike tires. Any mountain ones?

Nothing that’s really fancy. I would not ride them on an actual trail. You’re welcome to take a look. Message me on slack

I already have enough cables but I noticed that your post says Category 5 but the photograph appears to show a box that says Category 5E. They are not the same. Category 5 is only supposed to be used for up to 100BaseTX meaning Fast Ethernet. For 1000BaseT meaning Gigabit Ethernet one is supposed to use Category 5E or Category 6, not plain Category 5.