Free Shelving for VHS

Hey everyone,

Bill has found this great listing for free shelves on CL.

Now I am sure you all know that we are in need to modular standardized shelving solutions at the hackspace. So I think Bill and I and who ever wants to help will make a trip to pick some of these up. (Maintaining social distance and disinfection often of course.)

We might end up with some shelves left over so if your shelving need an upgrade, keep a look out.

Anyone that wants to help please leave a message here.

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posting had been removed :frowning:

too bad, i guess some one got it.

I am in contact with the person. Their hours are only 9-5 M-F. They said it’d be a day to tear out a room’s worth. If I can get a day off work, I may still go get it.

Discussions have been held with the relevant parties. Due to certain logistics, this project is not going ahead.