Free Server Power Supplies (12V 62A)

I have a handful (6) of near new Dell (Model# F750E-S0) power supplies…
These have a thermostatically speed controlled fan so you don’t get the “jet turbine” sound (till you need it)
While meant for a 1U server they can easily be converted to a high capacity 12V supply by jumpering a few pins and adding some heavy duty terminals…




Free for whoever wants them…


oh, that’ll come in handy - I’ll take one (or two if there are unclaimed ones once others have spoken).

Put me down for 1 (or 2 depending on demand)

one for me please (or two if there are extras)

I’d love one also if possible, can pick up at the space, thanks Bob.

Can I also get one please?

If you still have one left put me down for one.

So I have to apologies but I managed to screw up the power supplies I was giving away…
details here:

So I no longer have the 6 to get rid of…
However I should be able to get more (or slightly different types) in the next few months if people still want some…

Typically they tend to be 12V only, 5V and 12V or 56V…
Let me know what you want and I will watch out for them…


I’d be most interested in a 12V or 56V if ones come up.

No worries Bob! Id be most interested in the 2nd type you listed - 5V and 12V.

I’d be interested in any of those voltages, if they come up. No worries if not, though.

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I’m sorry to hear about the magic smoke :frowning: Glad it wasn’t too bad

I’d also be interested in any of those voltages in the future… Especially the 56V… But I have a project in mind for the low voltages as well :slight_smile: