Free rostock v2 max?

Hi folks,

I have a SeemeCNC Rostock V2 Max that I have outgrown. It is 90% functional. I’ve recently upgraded the arms with the SeemeCNC upgrade, but I had some issues with printing artifacts that I just got fed up with debugging. The machine prints, it just needs some tinkering, namely:

  1. a new extruder motor mount - I tried printing ABS and the heat was causing some slipping filament where the stock position was.

  2. a better cooling fan mount - the current one wasn’t cutting it. The air comes from only one side.

  3. THe stock filament holding hook was just no good so I printed one of those ball bearing roller things. I’ve taken that for my new printer so you will need to print another one.

These are all surmountable problems but I’ve outgrown the tinkering aspect of 3d printing and just want something to work. The arrival of our baby girl doesn’t help either. My loss is your gain!

The first person who can come pick it up can have it.

I’m at 12th and Lakewood and can bring it out to you at the husky station there. Leave me your number and I can text you.


@loktinl Thank you for your offer.

This will be used at VHS.

Edit: I’ve contracted Loktini. Printer will be picked up today and dropped it off at VHS


Hi @loktinl

It looks like the 3D printer committee does not have time to restore this 3D printer.

What would you like to do with this?

Do you want us to return the printer to you?

Alternatively we can pass it on to anyone who might be interested or w reuse the parts for other printer projects.

Let us know what you’d like.


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No need to return it. Was really hoping someone would breathe new life into it, but I guess that’s not happening. Hope you can make use of the scrap parts.


Thanks! It will get used one way or another for sure.

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