Free Project Kit: Interactive Beer Pong Table


A few years back I purchased a kit that was far ambitious for me to make an interactive beer pong table

This kit cost quite a bit ($500?), and rather than letting it rot, I’d love to give it to someone who is interested in trying to build it out, or at lease use it’s components. These can easily be sold for $1200-3000 once built.

It has in-depth instructions. The kit includes most electronics, but not the table and some other hardware.

Need this picked up next weekend in East Vancouver. Let me know if you’re interested. Best to text me at 604-424-3005

If you’re successful in a build, please do bring it to VHS and make sure I get an invite! Consider a donation too to VHS in lieu of this being free!


If no-one wants to take this on as a VHS project, I’ll save it :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to build this and leave it at vhs.


I’d be happy to help @Lukeo build this


Group project!


Sounds like an awesome group project. I’d be happy to leave it to that. @Andrew_Hendriks just agreed to come pick up the kit.

I’d love to be included (although, I’ve had to take a pause with VHS since so busy with work), so please do let me know how it all progresses and I’d love to help out and contribute when I can.

I’d love to see @Lukeo and @Andrew_Hendriks head this up.



Update: the kit is in my possession.

I’ll drop it off at VHS in the VHS Improvement Locker.

It will be carefully labeled, so please do not hack it or extract parts unless you’re one of the folks listed above on the group project roster. @Lukeo, @SteveRoy, @JDMc, @DeNomad.

It is absolutely packed with components; this is a large project.

I think the next steps would be to pick times when folks are available to collaborate so that @DeNomad gets a chance to participate.


  • Andrew


Does anyone know what type of table we need?
Would one of the Costco ones work?


Project box is now in the locker


Great I’ll try and find some time to get started and keep it updated in a post so others can work on it too.


Does anyone know what type of table we need?
Would one of the Costco ones work?

The instructions on this kit are relatively detailed, except the table… To be true regulation size, it is 96" x 24"′ x 27.5" – That said, it doesn’t have to be :joy:

You can either build the table with plywood and a simple foot kit, or can even buy beer pong tables that are pre-build.

Building portability in to this would be amazing, but adds a layer of complexity that I haven’t really brought myself to think around.