Free: Pack of Unopened Yogurt Starter!


I’m back to making my own soy yogurt again. I have an extra unopened pack of Yogourmet freeze-dried yogurt starter (Casei Bifidus Acidophilius). It’s the starter they sell to make regular dairy yogurt but I’ve only ever made soy with it…and it turns out great! This stuff is way better than any dairy-free yogurt I can buy from the store.

This pack has been kept in the fridge and is good until 2020.

Let me know if you’d like it and I’ll bring it in. (details/instructions here)


Hi Janet,

I’m interested. Started making yogurt in an Instant Pot, with the cold start method (works well). Less hassle than boiling milk. Where is a good place to get cheesecloth or cotton bag for straining?


Having done both cold and hot start method in the Instant Pot, (I always do a
24 hour ferment) I tried various “mylk” bags, jam strainers, veggie bags etc,
they all suffer from the same PITA factor, I eventually settled on this unit
from Amazon and at some point I’ll upgrade to the Stainless Steel version.

Happy to sell my current unit so i can upgrade :wink:

This perfectly fit’s 2 litre’s of yogurt and makes for easy storage and
cleanup, plus I don’t have to worry about the Cat getting at my yogurt as
it’s straining over the sink. I generally just serve out of the container
until the yogurt is done or transfer to other containers after 2-4 days if I
made a 4l batch and depending on how thick I want it. After 3-4 days it’s
pretty close to cream cheese consistency.

Using the Euro Cuising unit makes saving the Whey so much easier. As to the
point of this thead, I no longer buy the Yogourmet packages anymore, I freeze
the whey and thaw 2-4 ice cubes and use that as the bacterial starter now.
Works quite well. Of course if you are vegan, that won’t quite work out, but
I am sure the same could probably be done with Soy vs dairy milk after the
first batch,

Happy to sell some of the various strainer bags (most unused) if you are
interested. I got some of these strainer ideas from this book

Written by a Commercial Drive local too!!!

Next step is to try making Sous Vide yogurt along with countertop yogurts
that don’t require any heat.


Hey @mirong Excellent! I’ll bring it in for you. How do you like the Instant Pot? I don’t have one so make it in a yogurt maker I borrowed from a friend. I heat to 82 degrees in microwave, cool to 45 and then add the starter. I buy cheesecloth from dollarama/the dollar store. I don’t strain it though - the final product I end up with doesn’t seem to need it. It took a few batches in to get really thick and creamy. I’d then re-use the first batch of yogurt to make the next batch. By about batch 3 - peak yogurt! I’ve probably made about 12 batches now.

Edit: I’ve found soy type really makes a difference so imagine it’s the same for milk. I use organic Eden Soy which is expensive but it often goes on sale at Whole Foods. I don’t save any money by making it but I feel I get a yogurt I can actually eat.


Yup, depending on Instant Pot hot or cold start, for dairy milk it can make a huge difference what milk you use. I normally use the Choices Full Fat (3.8%MF) for making the yogurt. I’ve tried a few other brands and used the Natrel Ultra Pasteurized as per this cold start method.


I wonder if any of the countertop strains would work with Soy.


I tried 0% filtered Fairlife milk; got scolded for not using Canadian milk. Now mostly using 1% Natrel (Costco).



Not using the IP to its full potential (yet), but for example hard boiled eggs are sooo easy to make.


What would be the big difference between the plastic and the stainless steel version?

Any thoughts on this bag?


That Kleynhuis strainer looks pretty sweet and if I’d come across it 16 months ago, outcome might have been different.

As to difference between the plastic and stainless steel versions of the Euro Cuisine strainers, mainly longevity I expect. As the one I have has a plastic mesh, you have to wash it carefully (no dishwasher for example) to avoid damaging the fine mesh. I was concerned that it would be easy to damage, but it’s been more robust than I expected. I think I’ve probably put 30-40 litres of yogurt through that without any issue.

Again I love the convenience factor

  1. make yogurt in IP
  2. let yogurt cool down
  3. put yogurt in Euro Cuisine
  4. put Euro Cuisine in fridge
  5. enjoy yogurt
  6. done

Whoa, just checked the pricing, the stainless model is up to $100 now, when I last looked it was around $60 to $70. Tracking on CamelCamelCamel, it’s been as low as $40 and as high as $120 on 3rd party, non-Amazon sites.