Free Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit!

Who would like to try this? The wonderful folks at the Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab have offered us a free Surface Adaptive Kit in return for a review about our experience with it. This is a kit that came out yesterday and makes computers and laptops easier to use.


Would anyone find this kit personally helpful or have a friend/family member that could also benefit from a more adaptive computer or laptop? All you have to do is try it out and write a review of it and MMC Van can help with that. If so please post below and I’ll get that kit to you.

It contains a few different stickers that you can add to your laptop or computer. Included are sump pump stickers so people with low vision can feel where the important keys are as well as some tabs and labels for ports and cables as well as a sticker that helps people open the laptop if it’s difficult for them because of motor function or missing a limb or something like that

If multiple people are interested, I’ll make a random draw.

Many thanks to Zee for getting in touch with this offer. Much appreciated!


Just bumping this. The offer still stands if anyone would like to try this kit out and it can be used on any computer (not just a Surface).