Free LCD Monitors


  • Dell E196FPb 19" (with stand, has VGA Input)
  • Onn LE-22G90 22" (no stand, HDMI, VGA & Component Inputs)
  • Northern LED21HDMI (no stand, needs 12V 3A power supply, HDMI, 3x Composite, VGA inputs)

As far as I know they all work (did the last time I used any of em).
Will drop off at the Space if anyone wants them…
Will eWaste if not…

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Are any of them 1080 P?
The hackspace might want to standarize on 1080 p monitors

Doubt it… They are all pretty old…

Am interested if no one else wants

@KittyCat - If you still want the monitors I will drop them off tomorrow…


Meow. Idk how to tag people. @packetbob

@KittyCat - Left the monitors under the large table on the east side ( sort of across from the 3D printers)