Free IP67 12 volt Power Supplies x8

Anyone have a use for a water resistant 12 volt power supply? I’ve got 8 up for grabs!

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If I could convince my theatre to let me light up the outside of the building, and I had waterproof fixtures to use I would jump on those in a heartbeat!

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Hi Scott, I can use a couple of them, or all if no one else would like them.

Im using one to power some relays in a leslie speaker baffle contraption as i try and make it less of a fire hazzard :joy:

I’d love one!!

Ill bring them with on Saturday

I’ll take one too please and thank you!

I ca use one of them please

If there’s any left I will also take one

I would also like one if there are any still available :grinning:

Moved to drop box A

If there are any left I guarantee VHS or its members can use them.

I found a few more, will bring them in soonish

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