Free homebrewing stuff

I’m clearing out space in my storage locker because I have too many hobbies. I don’t brew nearly as much as I used to, so I have a lot of bottles, buckets, and carboys that could use a better home. Everything is a bit dusty but if you’re willing to clean it you can have it!

@Rob_MacKenzie you mentioned VHS might want some of it, so you’ve got first dibs.

One 1 gal carboy, two 5 gal carboys, two slightly larger buckets, two brushes, and a large racking cane:

12 375mL wine bottles:

4 750mL wine bottles:

5 375mL ice wine bottles:

12 355mL beer bottles:

12 750mL beer bottles:

4 1L flip top bottles, plus a couple fun shaped small bottles I got for some potion themed stuff:

Some of the bottle quantities are weird because it’s pretty much just what I’ve got left over, but free is free, right?

I also have a bunch of smaller stuff kicking around still that isn’t big enough that I need to desperately get rid of it, but if you’re looking for something in particular (extra airlocks, bungs, etc) I’ve got a lot.

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If VHS doesn’t want the flip top bottles I’ll take them :grinning:

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I’d love the 375ml bottles if they become available. Planning to brew some sake soon.

Last call before I post the rest on Craigslist tomorrow. @SteveRoy flip tops are yours and @BT123 you can have the 375mls. I can drop them off at the space this week.


@covertneko I’d also take one of the large glass carboy’s if VHS doesn’t want them. I’ll donate a few $$ to VHS in exchange for it.

@SteveRoy @BT123 I left your stuff in the kitchen next to the other carboy!

@Rob_MacKenzie I’ll hang onto the other big carboy and racking cane as well as a bucket in case you want them, just let me know whenever you’re back online.