Free Electronics Kit - Breadboard, Arduino, Chips

Free Electronics prototyping and learning kit. Includes:

  • 1 Double Breadboard
  • 3 single Breadboards
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • Adapt 912 PIC
  • various simple logic chips (ANDS, XORs, Flip Flops, etc)
  • Breadboarding wires of various lengths

I live close to VHS so I can meet up or drop it off there. Please email me directly I’ll only give away all of it at once, I’m not interested in giving it away piecemeal.

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@bripisko thank you very much. Our breadboards get worn down so this donation is very much appreciated. Please bring these on any of our open nights. See calendar for dates. (for example every tuesday t is an open night from 6 pm to 9pmish).

Note to members: I’m claiming these all for the VHS electronics area and have also emailed this person.