Free dust collector separator and bin for VHS

I recently upgraded my woodshop dust collection system and now have a surplus Veritas dust collector separator lid and 55 gallon plastic drum. The separator lid and bin are connected between the dust collector and the ductwork to collect the larger chunks so the dust collector bags don’t have to be emptied as often, which is a PITA. I know VHS is plotting and scheming a new dust collection system for the woodshop and am wondering if you would like to have these for your system. They are free to VHS but someone will need to pick them up from my place in Richmond.


I will volunteer to transport this, if the woodworkers guild determines that they want it. Just reach out on slack to work out the logistics when the time comes.

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I’m not an officer of the Pacific Woodworkers Guild and I’m unsure of the future of the guild post-pandemic. This is intended to be a donation to the VHS woodshop regardless of what becomes of the guild. I’m not on
Slack but if the VHS determines that they want this we can work out the logistics via PM or, novel idea, someone could just phone me to arrange the logistics.

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Posting this in the relevant channel on Slack

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Any decisions on this?

I think this would be beneficial to us. We have a steel drum for the dust extractor currently, but I don’t think it has the separator, so this seems like an upgrade in my opinion