Free Broken Wacom

I’m about to donate this tablet that’s pretty much junk, unless someone has parts to fix it up.

It’s the first gen Wacom Companion Hybrid. The story is I had my PC setup underpowered from bad power strips (which has killed drives and video cards for me in the past) So I’d wager the board is dead. IT doesn’t hold a charge, already called Wacom and went through the process to confirm it was broken and they had no parts to repair it.

That said, maybe someone here could get some use out of it?

I wouldn’t mind poking at it, if you drop it off at VHS and let me know at some point. Thanks!

I’ll pass it along if I get nowhere with it or run out of time/patience.

I’ll go next after Jarrett. I would attempt to use it as a touch screen for an rpi. Not sure if that’s possible.

Okay Jarret, I’ll see when I can drop it off, it may take a little while. My only concern was I didn’t get to wipe/reset the device, so maybe I’ll look up about tearing it down just before bringing it over.

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Well we can see how it goes after Jarrett has a look. I may only call a few shops and ask if they could take a look as a last resort, but I think repairs may cost a pretty penny.

Okay ONE major update:

I’m making an attempt to open it up, remove the battery and hdd to see if I can erase it or something. I’m also going to try to identify if the battery is dead, if type is still available and if that’s worth trying to fix. Right now I can’t quite figure out how to get the back panel off, it’s stuck to all the USB, power and other buttons and it’s a bit of a pain. Only broke 2 tabs on all the weird screw covers!

So knowing that @Jarrett, I may need a little more time before I drop it off to play around with, unless you think with it’s open that’s a good time to investigate the thing?


Take your time, have fun tinkering!

You might check to see if ifixit or similar has a teardown guide to show you how to take it apart cleanly.

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Great you’re trying to fix it! I hope it’s something simple like a loose power connector or something.

Also found this, not sure if helpful. Cintiq Companion 1 Teardown and Soldering to fix the Charging Port - YouTube

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Thanks! I did some searching and found this companion 2 teardown which is a little bit better, I still can’t pop the metal part off around the USB and power connections, it’s really stuck despite it seeming like it will pop off with some pressure. I can’t tell because there’s been a lot of glue in this thing throwing me off trying to open it.

Well I broke a little bit of the metal case off, not sure there was any other way, it was probably glued but I had no clue as to how I pried one off but not the other. Asterix22 is the battery type, seems to go for a replacement at a sizable cost. I do have multimeter but I don’t really know how to use it to figure out if the battery is dead. There is no swelling on it, not sure if all figure out if the battery if faulty, anyone wants to look at the insides with me some night?

The replacement I’m looking at, two listings for the same battery.

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Hi everyone,

I actually have some free time coming up the next few weeks and wanted to ask if I could meet up with anyone who wanted to check out this Wacom still. Maybe with a few tests, I could figure out about leaving it around for people to look at? I guess I was still holding out hope that it could be repaired, but I can’t do much on my own.

Let me know if anyone is around from June 5-15th.