FPGA engineer looking for work

Good afternoon folks. I’m looking for a job or any contracts for FPGA development.

I have four or so years of professional FPGA development experience including making pipelined video processor systems including things like making my own pipelined demosaic based on AHD and some advanced components from research papers. I’m experienced with Verilog and VHDL on Altera/Intel, Xilinx and Lattice FPGAs.

I’m also experienced with embedded system development, electronics design, motion control systems and PLCs. All in all I have more than 8 years of product design experience including multiple products currently available which I’ve partly or fully developed.

I’m published in PoC||GTFO (0x19 on page 44, woohooo!) and have been around VHS off and on for, well, a while. I have designed my own VFD based pendant watch. I’ve designed and built 3d printers and motion systems. I’m passionate in everything that I do and love learning new things.

If you know of anything available, please shoot me an email at matthew@ottersoft.ca



Are you able to work in the US with TN?
Do you have Green Card?
Do you know SystemC?

If you can answer yes to any of these. I may be able to point you to work.

I sent your info to my father. He is the one of the founders of Sub2r a startup in San Francisco building cameras designed for 4k streaming. I know they have been doing a lot of FPGA development of their own in the last year.