Flooring at Venables


@Metal_Janet was also a huge help!


Thanks @metal_Janet - just rockin’ all the things.


Progress Report 2:

@Logan_Buchy and @Sylvia did a bang up job on the entrance room!

Next steps:

  1. There are minor holes in the drywall that need patching. If someone could patch those breaks that would be great!

  2. We need more underlay:

The underlay can be gotten from Vancouver Mouldings and Floors (http://www.vansfloor.com) on 1362 Venables St. Note that they close at 5pm, and you’ll need to measure the last unfloored room to work out the square footage needed. @xquared used all our remaining scraps, so there are no leftovers.

We’ll also need baseboard to cover the edges of the floor in both rooms with flooring. Again, I haven’t measured the walls to determine how much is needed. But there seems to be lost of used baseboard on Craigslist for relatively cheap amounts.

We do have two brad nailers at VHS, they look similar to this:


Has anyone seen them? They will come in handy for doing the baseboard.

  1. We need to move as much as possible out of the final room so that the the flooring can be finished. Please be careful when moving things across the unfinished flooring as it is fragile.

  2. The sink in the final room needs to be checked for leakage, as it may be leaking onto the floor which would ruin the floorboards.

Big thanks to @Friso_Kristiansen, @xquared, @Logan_Buchy, @Sylvia and @kleenpwr for contributing time and materials to this project!


The floor is looking great guys! I’m super happy the flooring has gone to a good home. :slight_smile:

PS. I’ve let @Logan_Buchy know that I have approximately 150-200 more square feet of flooring for you guys.


Amazing - thanks so much Friso!


Looks like vansfloor.com is the best place to get that underlay. I’ll pick some up tomorrow before they shut at 5pm. Just need to figure out square footage.


@janet small office is approx 90 sq foot, the entry way is approx 80 sq foot


Entry way is done by the looks of it. Will pick up a couple of rolls to equal a little over 90 sq feet for the other office and bring to space for tomorrow eve.


Updated baseboard requirement:

Based on measurements of the first office and the entrance way, we need at bare minimum 68 feet of baseboard. It should be the standard 1 inch thick by 5 inches tall.

Still looking for the two nailguns.


I think I might’ve seen the nailguns in a box at the far-left side of the middle shelf in the wood shop, just next to the welding area. I could be mistaken however, as I was hunting around for something and looked in many different boxes…


Ack. I went to the flooring store at 430 but they are closed. Look like their open til 530 pm sign is just a suggestion. If anyone is up here early daytime please grab 200 square feet of underlay. If we are also going to floor the room with the carpet we will need that much. Thanks. Going back home now to work on book covers!


Flooring looks great!
Thanks to the peeps doing this



I think I might’ve seen the nailguns in a box at the far-left side of the middle shelf in the wood shop, just next to the welding area.

Still on the hunt for these, so if you find them please leave them in the upper offices.

Huge thanks to @DerrickA4mag for patching the holes in the drywall!

The office with the sink has been partially cleared in preparation for flooring. Big thanks to @arwemakere, @SomethingFun, and @dbynoe for helping wrangle the refrigerator and move other stuff.

If you have some spare time, please feel free to help clear that room.

Important: the sink in the upper floor office leaks a great deal. The taps have been turned off, so please don’t use it until the leak can be resolved.

Remaining steps:

  • Get more underlay
  • finish laying the flooring
  • install the baseboards in all rooms



@JohnC has just purchased the last of the underlay that we need for the top floor. Much appreciated!


Request for help:

If you are available to be in the Yaletown area at 7pm tonight to help load more flooring, please reach out to @Logan_Buchy.




Moved furniture out of remaining room. Swept floor twice, pulled out upholstery until leaking sink to clear floor.

This tool, the flush cut saw is missing. I need to to complete the flooring in the doorway:


Also, still looking for one the nail guns.



Saw found. Thanks @sylvia!

Entrance flooring done, doorway into kitchenette done. Thanks to @amanda and @Logan_Buchy who were a big help! Note that they also shoveled and salted the sidewalks!


All random baseboard materials were pulled out. However, we found a large patch of mold under the air conditioner:

I peeled back the paneling in the room, and it looks like the mold is spreading upward:

My guess is that this partially sealed window has been leaking water into the wall.



So flooring the kitchenette is suspended until we can solve this.

I think we’re going to have to do the following:

  1. Open up this section of wall to see where the dampness is getting in the window.
  2. Seal up that window somehow (I am not technical knowledegable in this area.)
  3. Strip out all mold contaminated wood and drywall.
  4. Spray down the wall interior with anti-fungal agents to kill whatever is left and protect the internals
  5. Replace the drywall.

Anyone knowledgeable in this area?


Wow - flooring is looking awesome. Thanks so much @Andrew_Hendriks @Logan_Buchy and @sylvia . @Andrew_Hendriks thanks for ripping into that mushroom farm. I agree with all the points you’ve posted. Definitely something we need to address. The only other thing I’d propose is that we replace the window…with an actual window. that way we can fit it with an AC unit which that room upstairs will definitely need. But that would be a proper unit not a hack job like the current situation.


I think you have us confused with some other org


Not knowledgeable at all, but likely something @rsim needs to take to landlord?

Real tip of the hat all of you!