Flash USB Stick Formatting Issue


Hi everyone:

Can someone kindly please tell me, if there is a way to retrieve data from a USB Stick that no longer works and gives “disc needs to be formatted” error? I had a bunch of super cool color Land Sat 8 photos of Alaska and bunch of other files. The crash occurred when I tried to produce hydrologically correct dataset of North America to make a map, the process that took close to 24 hours before crashing.

I also received delivery for CNC milling tips from China a pack of 10, cheap though can make something with it. I will certainly try to stop by, when I have a chance.

Wish you all the best,



Oh that sucks!

Have you spoken with a hard drive recovery shop? They might have specialized gear to suck all the data off it.


Try on different OS & hardware. Sometimes there is “compatibility” issues even with perfectly good USB sticks.


Thank You for suggestions. I will first try on different OS, then look for recovery shop, if it does not work. Thanks.