[Fixed] Laser Cutter - Computer Issues

It’s down. But the LCC is on it


If it is hardware related I’d be happy to chip in for cost of parts.

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Thank you! Sad that I came all the way from Surrey today to use it…But got a workout shoveling the parking area! hahaha


It’s probably an issue with the PSU, but we have a replacement computer lined up if that doesn’t pan out. The replacement would just be rolled out slightly ahead of schedule.


Do we have a psu to replace with if needed? I could pick one up from the computer store if not.

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We’ll be replacing the entire machine. @JohnC found that the cpu fan had also seized up

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TL;DR: we need a PCIE network card for the replacement machine


In short; I managed to revive the old laser pc, but the fan on the CPU is shot and I don’t have faith that my temporary solution will hold up long term.

So really the solution is to switch over to one of the machines that came from the tool trades.

However, because the tool trade machines only have one on-board network connection and also only one additional PCI/PCIE (PCIEx4) slot, we won’t be able to get that to work without a PCIE/PCIEx4 network card.


  • A backup of the data from the old laser pc has been made.
  • The tool trade machine has been installed and users have been set up.

To Do:

  • Source, install and set up extra network card
  • Copy data back onto the new machine
  • Test

LCC is sourcing a network card


I can provide network cards probably if you need


The part is in! (Thanks @yeungx!)


Laser computer has been replaced and all files have been copied.
Nearly all the apps have also been reinstalled, but I might have missed some.

Please let me know in the #laser channel if something is missing or not working!


I may be missing something relevant but why can you not just move the HDD(s)/SSD(s) from the old computer to the new computer instead of starting over with what sounds like a new OS installation on the new computer?

Hey Brolin, don’t worry, I’m sure if this was feasible the LCC would have done that. Must have been other considerations going on. It’s great the laser is back up - shout out to the LCC folks and Ty for fixing that.

For anyone having any further issues with the PC, as Ty mentioned please post in the #laser channel on slack. Keep on rockin’

Closing this thread as this issue is resolved.