[FIXED] Laser Cutter - Chiller issues

The laser cutter is currently out of order due to issues with the chiller.

The chiller (container) is leaking.
LCC/@Majicj is currently taking actions to fix.

For now the laser cutter is down until we feel it’s safe to use the laser cutter again.

We will probably know more by tonight/tomorrow if the fix worked and clear it as soon as we know.


Thanks of the heads up and to the LCC for getting on that so quickly. Also shout out to @Majicj who I know also just fixed up the pressure sensor.


I had a look inside the Chiller and found source for the leak and patched it with JBWeld.

In order to work on the chiller I needed to move all the material tucked away in the corner and along the shelves.

You can find all the material under the laser cutter desk.

I’d like to keep the area along the shelves and corner cleared for a bit in case we need to get back at the chiller in the next while!

Happy Lasing!

Cracked gunk inside chiller

Gunk outside Chiller

A new batch of JBWaterWeld. That last application held up for a few years.

There was no way for me to pull the chiller out to work on it with all this material in the way

The path is clear :slight_smile:

This is where the beast lives. Takes hot water out of the laser tube and runs it though a cooler.

Where all the material was moved.


Thank you so much! That was quick!

And thanks for all the pictures too. Interesting to see inside cooling system. No wonder there was a puddle behind the laser.


Thanks for the fix @Majicj!!!

I’m curious, when we turn the laser on, is the “background hum” created by the chiller, the exhaust, or the laser itself?


I’m the wrong person to ask about “background hum”. :slight_smile:

Are you possibly referring to the air compressor that pushes air out through the nozzle of the laser cutter? I was thinking that perhaps we should build an insulated box on it to cut down on the noise.

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The loudest noise generated by the Laser is the air compressor, followed by either the exhaust fan or the chiller. It’s a shame the laser isn’t closer the woodshop, theoretically it could be plumbed into the shop air system.


Great idea! We have air to the Paint Mess room. The LCC will look into this.

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