Fixed Frank the 3D Printer - please return the box o' tools

Spent a lot of minutes fixing up one of our printers that had a broken glass bed, a bent limit switch, a crushed USB cable end, the Z-axis wildly out of alignment, and a missing box of parts.

Stuff happens and that’s okay, we can fix most things… but It is not acceptable to just walk away. If you can’t fix it yourself, post and ask for help or at least tell someone.

I had to train someone on this printer so having to fix this first was a real pain and took time away from our training session. Thank you Tamara for your patience and help.

Another member was 3D printing a 5 hour print on the Tinkerine and left it running unattended while they left the space for several hours. This is also not acceptable. At VHS you must monitor your print and remain at the space until it is completed.


The reason we have 3 loaner printers is so that if members want to do a 5 hour print they can - from the comfort of their own home. No need to sit at the space for 5 hours.

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Correction: it was a 9 hour print

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Heyo - we are still looking for the box of tools that originally went along with this printer. It’s been missing for a few loaners. If you have it at home, please bring it back (no questions asked). Just leave it in the printer area! Thanks very much.