FIXED! Bathroom Sinks need snaked/fixed


The bathroom sinks keep blocking and are at best pretty slow draining. Likely need to be snaked as there is probably stuff that’s accidentally made it down there from the renos we’ve done. They may even need the p-trap removed and cleared out.

Does anyone have a small sewer snake or pipe-wrench who can help to make this happen?

As per the lease, we are responsible for this not the landlord so it’s going to keep being an issue. Hopefully we can fix it up now.



I have a snake that I will bring in next Tuesday.
I’ll also take a look at the p-trap when I am in.


@steveroy thanks - I’ll have a free tv-b-gone kit for you. I’ll also be in Tuesday to help you.


I was up there tonight so took the p-trap off the biggest offender sink. It’s clear so the blockage is further down. A sewer snake should do the job hopefully. Will be back tomorrow to give that a go if you’re able to make it in @steveroy


Sorry, have the flu, won’t be at VHS tonight


No worries Steve! Feel better soon.


Huge thanks to @Andrew_Hendriks for bringing in the sink auger. We snaked out both sinks and they work great now. I splashed some bleach around afterwards to kill any sewer bugs or gremlns that try to climb out.


@Janet and I put a considerable amount of effort into pulling the sinks apart and running the auger through them.

We found paint and even spaghetti in them. Please only use them for washing your hands, the plumbing is very old and can’t take the abuse.

We were lucky to get them straightened out.


Thanks for doing this - snaking lines is one of the worst jobs you can do.


Don’t worry! I was mostly worried about smell but it was not too bad.Andrew did the worst of the snaking. I left a bucket under the sink just in case my re-tightening of screws/pipes was not enough. It also has a little p-trap drainage in it so if anyone checks - it’s not leaking - I just forgot to pour out. I did clean the sinks and got a lot of the pink and brown paint out of there. I also mopped the floor with bleach so now the filth and rubble are cleaner. :smiley: