Fixed as of Sept 15 - Sept 14, 2020 - Laser Cutter out of order

Laser Cutter is currently out of order. Please do not use.

Laser head was knocked into a weight and is cutting double lines.

Laser needs realignment.



Thanks for the heads up. While I’m sure we’d like this re-aligned asap, I hope the LCC don’t make any trips out of the house until the air quality is slightly better.

Laser lenses, mirrors cleaned and aligned.

It is cutting fine now.

Thank you @Lukeo for doing this.


Seems the laser might still be experiencing some troubles.

The left side of the bed seems to cut fine, but the right side requires 2-3 passes for the same cut, and I noticed some mild ghosting of a double laser on that side of the bed.

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Sounds like the bed might need levelled (requires LCC). Also nice to see you back around the space Denny!

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Thanks! The space and community are much improved since I was last around! Well worth it!


Raising this with the LCC.

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If anyone is laser cutting and sees something not working properly then please please please post videos or photos of what you are seeing along with your description.

Please include description of material being cut, material thickeness along with speed and power settings.

It makes it much easier for the LCC to evaluate and fix what is actually happening.

Denny was this an issue of material on the outside extremities of the laser bed not cutting?

Were you able to move your piece to another area in the laser bed so that it cuts ok?

Will try and get in to have a look at this,

Cutting 1/8 birch as prescribed on the wiki - was definitely the left side of the bed working fine, the right side having significant difficulties requiring 2-3 passes for the same cut. Was progressively worse the further right it went. Ghosting of a light double laser appears to the very far right of the bed (looks like a very mild etch next to the actual cut about 1mm apart)

This isn’t a photo from my cuts, but this is what I mean by ghosting. Imagine a much less dramatic version of this about 1mm apart.


I think last time this happened it as an issue with the “cone”, the very end where the laser comes out, being misaligned.