Fix JBL speaker charging port?

Hiya, Metal Janet (The Wizard) suggested this as the best place to ask if anyone can FIX/ replace my JBL SPEAKER charging port.
I’m totally open to talking about money or bartering. I sew & cut hair & I’m looking for a Jive partner. :wink::black_heart:

-JBL Pulse Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
-4 yrs old used it for 1 year & port failed. :woman_facepalming:
-Must have bent the interior of the charging port. :confounded::tired_face::woman_facepalming:

Please let me know.
Ig- Lizzy B. Houston
Genuine thanks! :black_heart:
Lizzy B.


Hi, Lizzy
It might be helpful to post a photo of your speaker with the broken port.

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You may try The Hackery in northeast Vancouver. They will not charge you unless they can fix the problem for you.

Hiya! Copy that. :black_heart:
I’ll try again. Not familiar with your site. Did originally try to post photos.
Thanks for getting in touch.

I need a haircut pretty badly and can solder. Yeah, try to post a pic, definitely the best way to see damage and get idea of parts.

If you have photos on your phone, I find it easiest to just browse to this page on your phone and upload the file directly, provides the photo file isn’t too large.

I noticed that Lizzy updated with photos in her original post. Just want to bump so every one sees it.

From what i can see in the photo, the port is not visibly damaged mechanically. So @Rob_MacKenzie might have to open it up to see if it’s the jack or the charging circuit?

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My best guess as a cat is.

Port itself is fine. The charge port is loose. PCB traces may be broken. Might be easier to retrofit a 5.5*2.2 mm DC jack.

Better to replace USB port if all is ok. They get loose and better to replace if traces ok. I do have usb jacks if you send pictures of internals