Fix a LipSync



Going to run a small event, for those with some soldering skills and want to give back, to help me out with some LipSyncs ( I have about 20 LipSyncs in need of some TLC to get into functioning units, mostly involving changing some headerpins on the joystick to connect to the main board, and then doing the rest of the joystick build. Each one will probably take about an hour or less to get going.

Plan is for Thursday, Oct 5, from 1pm - 9pm. People can come and go as they like, it’s not meant for everyone to put in 8 hours :-). I have 4 UBC engineering students coming in from 1 -5, will keep space open later if VHS members want to pop in as well. Hope to get an eventbrite page up to make sure there is enough pizza for everyone.



Sounds fun, wish i could be there
I hope it’s a success!


I’ll be there after work, sounds fun!


I’ll try and be there too!


@xquared going to put you through way more work… oops, mean fun… in Toronto on Oct 12 at SteamLabs - going to be building 25+ from scratch with nearly 50 voluneers. Ah! Need to get that eventpage up.


i look forward to it.


I’ll show up after 5 and see if you still need any help.


Small bump - I have 18 halfdone LipSyncs that I will bring to the space with me today. Starting at 1 and running until 9ish or so.


Thanks @MarkHarris @Rob_MacKenzie @Jarrett and @DerrickA4mag for your help yesterday, deeply appreciated! 11 working lipsyncs and repairs to kit up another half dozen. Cheers!


Oh an @InezG too for doing a whole build!


We recently had our primary LipSync Electrical Engineer move on to other opportunities. Have a box of LipSyncs that need some QC and likely some TLC.

Will bring some staff and keen volunteers with me on Monday December 4th. Will likely set up around 12 noon and stay late (10 or so). All welcome to join - help us put a few LipSyncs under Christmas trees, I’ll order in food for those able to help out.

*edit - typos.


i am so in!! i am pretty sure i messed up the bell one i made anyways. so there is debt to be paid


Will be there again, too!


Also interested in helping.


Quick bump, this “fix a lipsync” is tomorrow, will arrive around noon and stay late. Come any time, will have some food brought in for dinner. Cheees.


Y’all amazing. We have 67 lipsyncs that got some TLC and passed QC today. Deeply appreciate all of you, I’ll vouch to the big guy in the red suite what list you should be on.


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