Fix a LipSync Part II


Makers Making Change has a number of LipSyncs ( that need a little TLC. Looking for those with some soldering skills to help diagnose and repair the mouth-operated joysticks, which mostly involves changing some header pin or replacing some force-sensing resistors. Each one will probably take about an hour or less to get going. The functional units will then be distributed to people with disabilities to enable them to use their tablet or smartphone.

Plan is for Thursday, July 5, from 1 PM to 8 PM. Come and go as you like (no need to put in a full 7 hours.)

If you’re keen, please RSVP here:
We’ll use the numbers to ensure there is enough food (for ~6 PM).


I’ll try to come after work, 7pm or so, won’t need to be fed.


I’ll drop by for a bit.




Electronics. Pizza. Helping people. Win-win-win.


Love this, I’ll come hang out and do the solder thing.


i signed up, but with work i can’t be there until later, no food for me thanks


So you are going to work all day then volunteer on an empty stomach? Picha!!


Thanks to all the members who came out to the LipSync Fix it Night yesterday. With your help, we fixed 40 LipSyncs. These units will be sent out for free to people in BC who have limited use of their hands to enable them to operate a touchscreen device.

The LipSync is just one of many open source assistive technologies that Makers Making Change has in our library. We are actively searching for makers with soldering, electronics, software, laser cutting, design, woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing and 3D modelling skills. If you’re keen on using these maker skills to help people with disabilities in your community and across the world, you should sign up on the website:

When you sign up, you can select your role as a ‘Maker’ to either submit designs for projects for or build one of the pre-made projects from the Library. When you sign up, people with disabilities will see your skills and can request a build from you. After this, the conversation about details and timelines, etc., is between the two of you. Generally, the expectation is that people who request the item cover the cost of materials.

Thanks again for you skills and time!