First try at wooden leaf hinges


Here is my first try at wooden leaf hinges. The barrels are 3/8" diameter and they are 1 7/8" long with a 1/2" wide leaf. The pin is 1/8" brass rod. They still need some final cleaning up and sanding. They are prototypes for hinges that will eventually become part of a fishing fly box that I’ve been commissioned to make.


Wow! I know it’s a prototype, but that looks really awesome already!




I love it! What’s the order of operations on that, are you cutting the fingers first or making the rounded bit first?


I cut the roundovers first then cut the fingers using my box joint jig.


Impressive…What if it had secret ball bearings hidden inside…


Sounds complicated…


If you need someone to field test the prototype flybox - pick me :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer - LOL. Actualy, the fly box is a commission - the hinges are the prototypes.

I’ll post pics of the box when it is completed.


nice work! I wonder how long they will last


Time will tell. I just cut the hinge mortises this evening but won’t get to gluing the hinges in until Wednesday evening at the earliest.

I plan on making more boxes with wooden hinges of various sizes and lengths and plan on putting a few of them through some day-to-day abuse to see how they stand up over time.


I am a proponent of using wood in untradional uses as well, I have made a few fully functional swivel casters entirely out of wood (except bearings) and they function as legs for a table as well as wheels.

Love the hinges!