First time, odds and ends clean up

Hi All,
Was In today and was nice to meet and chat with another member, Andrew! While I was scribbling with charcoal on a piece of paper like a toddler, he was building a 3d printer :slight_smile:

I cleaned/wiped down the computer station nearest the machine shop as I was there last week with Mark and it really needed it. My understanding is that all the dust and dirt will clog up the fan and cause overheating. And could cause damage to the computers there. There was the tiniest screws on the desk inside and around couple O rings, I don’t think I swiped any away.
I also emptied the 3 waist baskets in the 2 washrooms as they were both full to the brim. I’m hoping to make it Saturday Dec. 2nd for the Community Maintenance to help out what I can and meet more members. Cheers!