Fire Extinguishers

I have 1 of the fire extinguishers in at a local (to me) place getting a re-cert.
Do we need any more of them?
The approx cost is $55 +tax for one similar to what I have in getting the cert.

My plan is to take 1 a week to get the re-certs done.



The fire extinguisher wasn’t ready this morning - however a couple of things…
Talking with the staff there (if I understood correctly) that a fire extinguisher 6 to 12 old can get a re-cert by checking the pressure. After 12 years old they need to empty it an do a hydro type test.
I took our old house one in and it wasn’t worth checking as for $15 more I got a brand new one.
Basically if it’s old we are better to buy new.

So for $56.00 +tax we can get a new 5.5lb ABC refillable, advantage brand and they will put the tags on it to show when it was new and therefore get a re-cert when necessary.

I tool the liberty of buying one for VHS - which I will donate.

Since they charge $5.25 to dispose of old extinguishers we need to decide if we just keep the old ones around as extras and have a number of new or re-certs in the space to meet code/insurance or whatever.


I dropped off the re-certified extinguisher tonight, so we have 2 that are up to date.
I didn’t take another for a re-cert tonight as I won’t be back for a couple of weeks.
If any other member would like to do this then have at it :slight_smile:

They all need a permanent home at VHS and I also suggest we get some of the large red signs that point to their location.


Awesome. Thanks for doing that @steveroy. I’ll donate those signs. Will order a pack from amazon.


Stickers have arrived and will be in the VHS dropbox for fire extinguisher wall mounting/identification etc. I guess next step is to get mounting brackets and put the extinguishers in accessible spots.


i’ll see if we have any sintra kicking around work. how many stickers do we have?

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Thanks! I have a pack of 12 stickers

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The new one has the mount bracket zip tied to it - so it wouldn’t get lost :slight_smile:

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I’m at the space now and can mount the extinguishers. I was thinking one in the workshop, and one upstairs (since we already have one by the first aid kit downstairs). How does that sound?


Sound great! Thanks a bunch for doing that.