Fire extinguisher recertification

Hi all, I noticed that we’re due to get our fire extinguishers inspected and recertified. Does anyone have a recommendation on which company we should use for this? We also have a few fire extinguishers that need to be recharged.


I live in New Westminster and went to a local store a couple of blocks from me on 12th Street. It was a few bucks to re-cert. I originally bought a new one for VHS than took a couple of the existing ones one at a time to get them checked (so I didn’t remove too many at one time).
A new fire extinguisher runs around $55 from memory and they will put the cert tag on it.

So really, any place that sell them should be able to re-cert for us


Was it this place?

A-1 Fire Supplies Ltd
(604) 526-8423

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It was Royal City Fire Supplies, but it looks like they are no longer there - they were at 633 12th Street.

Advanced Fire & Safety at 2643 Kingsway would be able to do the inspection etc

If they need a re-charge as in an empty, check and re-fill it is a few bucks more to get a brand new extinguisher, but they are the experts :slight_smile:

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