Fill our calendar!


We now have the mandate to bring some members on-board! The best way we’ve found in the past to get members is to make sure they come and see what we are all about.

We shouldn’t just be doing more events for the sake of upping our membership, they are high value for all existing members too! The only difference I’d recommend in the coming months is to make sure you encourage the public/non-members to attend more than you regularly would!

If you need help coming up with an event you can hold, tell us! We are a hack space; ideas are easy, volunteers and implementation are the constrained resource!


Would an “Intro to Inkscape” workshop be a good topic for me to offer?


absolutely. I ran that one a long time ago and it was a popular topic, especially if you can tie it into how to design for the laser


Excellent. I’ll offer that in the soon future


Just trying to plus this idea, if you are an advanced user, Schedule out a second event a few weeks after the intro for more advanced topics. This would give people a natural progression to go from your beginner class to the intermediate or advanced topics, and create a place for other advanced users to come for the second night


I do have enough depth of knowledge in some aspects of Inkscape that I could probably do that. And then I’d discover where my blind-spots are.


Also check out this page for some real suggestions that people have requested:

Pep talk / workshop tips in the links at the bottom, too


Please add workshops to the calendar if you decide to do one. pm me if you need calendar access.


Pick some dates and let’s fill out the calendar!


“I’ll do one if you do one” I will set up a series of TV-B-Gone build nights in Feb if someone else adds any of the following to the calendar for Feb/March/April and so on.

  1. Intro to welding
  2. Soldering for beginners
  3. Sewing open house
  4. Intro to circuit board design
  5. SMD workshop
  6. anything else

Must be a workshop open to the public.


Once the move is done, Im going to host a Assistive Technology hack night every couple weeks.


Woo - thanks that is amazing. On my mental list is also to talk to you about bathroom ramps.


$$$ line if needed:


We have a definitive move-out date of end of January; if you want to put the events starting in Feb, that’d be a safe bet!


I was thinking along similar lines, but easier, kid-friendly group builds… Let's build a workshop pipeline!