February Laser Training

Hello, I have gotten a lot of asks for laser training and there were some who missed the previous training. I can do a training day next week, but I want to see who is and isn’t available at which days.

If you are looking for laser training, please respond to this post.


Thursday February 15 at 7pm


  • Available & prefered: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, starting 6pm
  • Available: Wednesday starting 6pm, Saturday anytime
    Thank you very much Will.
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Thank you Will. I am free to join any day after 7PM “Except Monday”, and anytime on the Weekend.

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I’d like some training! My schedule is pretty loose and flexible so I’m not too pinned down on a time :slight_smile:

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I would like to have some training too. I’m not a member yet but I’m going to pay sometime today. My schedule is also very flexible, except for Friday (Feb. 9) and Saturday (Feb 10).

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Ironically, I’m not in town in the 15th, I’ll catch the next next one!

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Hi Will, All good after 7. I wish I could get there earlier, but just cannot.

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I’ve already done the laser training, but it was back in November, and I haven’t actually used the laser since. Would it be ok if I showed up and eavesdropped as a way to refresh my memory?

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I’d like to join the training session if there is room! Thursday Feb 15 works for me, and the rest of the evening dates suggested by others work too. Is there a fee for the training?

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Thursday works. What time will it be?

Hi willphillips,

Would love to join the workshop on Feb 15 if you have available spots. Thanks!

I would love to join Thursdays 15th Lazer training :)!