Fabric Dyeing: "Classroom" Area (date TBD) - Checking in with everyone

Hello everyone!!!

I’m new to VHS and am planning to hand dye a few meters of fabric. I will need a long and wide table to do this. It was recommended to me that I could use the “Classroom” area- the first room to the right when you enter VHS from Venables Street. I would put two tables side by side.

After I finish painting the fabric laid out on the tables, the fabric needs to just lay there for 48 hours. So say I start painting on a Monday, the fabric cannot be moved until Thursday morning- thus technically I would be occupying the “Classroom” area for approx. 3 full days and removing the fabric on the 4th day, thus no one else would be able to use the tables and put things against or on the table.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up first and see if anyone is planning on using this room at a specific time. If you are, we can coordinate so that we don’t overlap. I haven’t decided the start date YET, since my fabric is still on its way. I will probably start dyeing the week of June 7 or June 14 since I need to do some color testing first as well and testing my steamer before working on the final fabric.

Does this sound ok with everyone?

Let’s say YEAH TO FABRIC DYEING!!! :slight_smile:

Marysol (Mary)


Hey Mary!

Fabric dyeing sounds very cool! I’d love to see this happen at the space. The only question I have is about cleanup/making sure the tables and floors in that room remain clean…as that is a classroom. I’m sure you have that in mind. Will you put down a tarp or plastic sheet?

Will you also post results on talk? I’ve never done this and I’m sure a whole bunch of us would love to see your process and the final product!!

Also thanks for posting this check-in with everyone. This is exactly the way to do it when you need to use a certain bit of the space and want to check with the membership about that and give a few days to get responses.

Yeah to dyeing!!! (from me)



yeah to fabric dying


Hey Janet, thanks for sharing my enthusiasm :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, I will be protecting the area with cardboard and plastic. I have worked before with dyes and know what’s the best things to use to keep the area spotless without staining/damaging anything around me.

  2. I didn’t think about sharing the process, but now that you mention it, I would love to do so. Maybe I could even do live videos? Not sure if I can post live videos on Slack or in this forum. I can do photos too.


“yeah to fabric dyeing.” :slight_smile:


I’m interested to see the photos too.

Thanks for posting a heads-up. Also make sure to put a sign on the door for the duration. Not everyone reads the forums.


I’m also interested in fabric dyeing. I’ve never done it, mostly because I’m afraid of the mess.


A sigh reading:
“All ye who enter here shall dye” ?

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Hello little makers family, just a heads up to everyone that I’ve started dyeing. I’m not using the entire space, but I have left a box of dye that will be there until Tuesday evening-ish. Please don’t move :slight_smile: because there’s is dye that will move around.

I have left it in a place where it should not cause any disturbance :slight_smile:

I will be checking in tomorrow and Tuesday.

Thank you hackers! :slight_smile:

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Hey Elizabot, depending on the technique you use and the type of dye, you won’t really cause a mess :slight_smile: