Fabric clearout!

We have too much fabric stored in the sewing area! We’re going to take most of it to textile recycling.

Please take anything you want to keep out of the bins to the left of the sewing table in the next week or so. (I will be sorting out a small selection of useful fabric scraps to keep.)

@Davonna @Metal_Janet @yeungx


If you aren’t familiar with them, perhaps consider donating it to Our Social Fabric, right down the road.

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I am familiar with them - we have a lot of stuff like cut up pieces of clothing that I don’t think will be useful to them. I may take a couple of the bigger, nicer things over there, though.

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They do have their fifty-cent small cuts bins, but yeah… I don’t know if they would take it all.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. :+1:

Ok, I have sorted the fabric. We now have one bin of fabric to keep, which includes some fake fur, canvas, cotton, and some things that looked interesting for one reason or another.

There’s also a box of leather pieces that I didn’t really touch. (I asked @Brad about one box I found, and he threw out a few things, but then I found a whole other box of leather hidden under the table.)

And there’s a box of styrofoam shapes & stuffing (aka teddy bear guts).

I put a bunch of larger, nicer pieces of fabric in a box labeled “for donation”. We can ask Our Social Fabric or Fabcycle if they want those. (There’s a bunch of lycra on the top but there’s some other stuff underneath)

Then there’s 3 boxes labeled “fabric recycling” which are mostly cut-up shirts and sheets and stuff.

(I also put some actual t-shirts on the freecycle shelf.)

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Thanks for doing all that? What are thoughts on the leather bits? I find that harder to find in small amounts and have occasionally raided it for some pieces. Then again I can see how we have too much stuff and some needs to go.

There’s a whole box of leather still, I expect it to continue to meet your leather needs. :slight_smile:

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Sounds great thanks!