Expanding foam, Ultracal 30, dirt to get rid of

Heya! I’m looking to clear up some of my stuff that maybe someone else here would like before it goes bad (I’m probably not going to be able to use these up in time and I’d rather someone be able to make use of them)

Expanding foam, it’s quite expensive and there’s about a quarter left in there, so I’m hoping maybe $20 for it?

Ultracal 30 - about 11 kg because there’s a little more than the bucket - asking $10

I’m still unsure what this stuff does but it’s clean dirt - free lol

I’m at the space tomorrow, so let me know if you’re interested at all!

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I would love to score the food-grade DE for plant people at the space. It is a great natural pest control agent. Should be up there tomorrow so can pick up then.

@Janet i be interested in a bit of that stuff too. Why is it food grade? I thought that stuff was bad to breathe in. Like silicaa dust? I have silverfish! Can’t eat them all sadly :frowning:

Meow…feed me?

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Gotcha! Will bring!

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Food grade diatomaceous earth can also be used for filtering beer or wine. You’re correct you don’t want to inhale it, totally fine to eat though!

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@KittyCat you were already on my list for a bag of this stuff. I also use it for silverfish and thrips. @ddq is exactly right - not harmful if used properly and good stuff for lots of lots of things also.

I would like a cup of it please.

The ultra cal 30 is also kinda tempting, because I think I’m recalling that it could be good for high accuracy pewter or silver casting. Hmm. Would have to think about it.

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A cup of what? The dirt?

And I have a bit of the ultracal if that’s what you’re referring to - I’d be happy to just give you to see if you like it and it works for you! I have a bit more than the bucket so I can just give you the extra, no charge

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Hah, yeah the dirt.

My hesitation with th ultra cal is not the cost, it’s whether I can take on another project and/or store more stuff for future projects. It’s a fine line!

We should do a casting small objects night :smiley:

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Ooo thats an idea! It depends on the material you wanna cast and what you’ll be pouring into it, but I think that would be fun!
And lol mood - thats partly why I want to give away this stuff, now that I have other thigns taking up my space, i realize i have like… 5 other projects taking up space and I want to make room so I can actually work on them XD

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Sorry can’t make it up tonight for pickup of dirt but if it’s helpful to you @Redrosesforever and you fancy leaving it up there with my name on it, I can bag it up into individual bags for people. Also let me know if you would like an african violet (I have some pretty ones blooming right now)…also no pressure whatsover.

In addition, Food grade DE is used as a natural de-wormer in animal husbandry.

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@Redrosesforever thank you so much for the freebie DE. I picked it up tonight. A bunch of us will use it for plants/pest control which is excellent. Cheers!