Evolutionary idea about housing

Let’s Talk 'bout Housing! I am sharing a topic about housing I’ve been working on and I’m at a new beginning ready to bring in the community; I am planning to make my award-winning tacos and serve from the kitchen and guess can make their way to the main table or the lounge. Then afterwards, we will talk about the ideas.

Join us for an engaging discussion on a groundbreaking housing solution – an innovative evolutionary socio-economic plan designed as an open-source model fostering economic justice, fueled by community engagement and empowerment through the pillars of Food, Finance, Folklore, and Fun.

@ hackerspace 1601 Venable
start at 5 pm serving tacos to 5; 45 pm
discussion start at 6 pm 8 Pm

This isn’t just a party – it’s a movement! Bring along your appetite, bring your loved ones, and let’s create memories together. With an open invitation to all, let’s celebrate and feast like champions!

See you there!


Oh this sounds amazing! I absolutely love both tacos and social justice! Plus I hear you cook for movie stars, so it’s gotta be good.

I’m good to come on Tuesday, can even help set up in the kitchen, and I might invite others too… can you please put me down for 1 (for now)?

Awesome please share the idea. Yes, I worked in film, so you will be eating like a film star.

This is a work in progress.

Everyone should be able to view and comment on the shared document.

What is missing is

  • documenting some of he current effects of developer political favoritism. And miss-management of equity housing also known as Strata caused by management company political favoritism.
  • some potential benefits derived by independent accountability exposing and fully documenting issues so that these can be removed.

Promoting Shared / limited Equity Housing without first introducing independent accountability, would only increase this the observed corruption.

With independence accountability in place. Shared / limited Equity Housing also know as housing coops will give people the needed option to choose shelter where prices are less driven by investment speculation.

Where and when is this?
May I join?

If I wasn’t working long hours this week I’d be down! Although, I’m a bit of a Mexican street food snob… My high bar is abuela tamales out of a minivan in a Walmart parking lot in Anaheim, followed closely by sayluita plaza de révolution Al pastor… But movie star tacos could be right up there!

Hi there, I hope you don’t mind my wading in to your doc(s) with a sharp editing pencil! :sweat_smile:

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I’ve not yet read Timothy’s doc, but Betty (Che) shared her ideas with me and I loved them so much I wanted to take them apart, with our community, so that nobody else could later.

Tacos for housing event is going to be hosted at hackers’ space this coming is Taco Tuesday at 1601 Veneable.
starting at 5 pm. 8 pm


Take a look at my doc Family Homes - Google Docs
This too Buyers Beware: The Cost of Barriers to Building Housing in Canadian Cities | C.D. Howe Institute | Canada Economy News | Canadian Government Policy

My doc Family Homes - Google Docs
This too Buyers Beware: The Cost of Barriers to Building Housing in Canadian Cities | C.D. Howe Institute | Canada Economy News | Canadian Government Policy

This sounds like a really cool thing. I just moved to central Finland, and I’m amazed how differently things are laid out. You have 6 storey apartment buildings a block or 2 away from park or forest on one side and a grocery store on the other side. And clever design makes a 33.5 m2 unit feel spacious. I wish Vancouver was full of co-op housing like that.

A letter explaining why it is important to select a Candidate.
Accountability commission petition - Google Docs

The petition advocates for an independent investigation into corruption within Canada. It promotes measures to minimize opportunities for corruption and serves as focal points for receiving corruption complaints and inquiries. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for uncovering and eliminating corrupting foreign influence and interference.

This is a work in progress advocating for Limited equity housing co-operatives with balanced individual property and shared land, buildings values provides people the option to live without engaging in property speculation.

This request is going to sound pedantic. It is however necessary for those of us who can’t easily turn relative dates into calendar dates, and who can’t turn calendar dates easily into days of the week.

Please include the calendar date in all event descriptions: year, month, and day. Order doesn’t really matter as long as it’s clear. Please include the day of the week as many of us have weekly schedules that would preclude participation as soon as we know the day of the week. Also, the redundant information helps identify dates that do not exist. For example Tuesday, May 27, 2024. (May 27, 2024, is a Monday).

For example, “this coming Tuesday” is probably Tuesday, May 14, 2024. But anyone coming to the discussion later may wonder if Tuesday, May 21, 2024, is the possible date. Specifying just May 14 leaves out the day of the week. Now I notice that this was posted seven days ago and it’s May 8th so maybe the event occurred on Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Thank you for helping us who don’t process relative dates as precisely as you might.


I have made significant changes to the housing doc. @Arrgh @climberdude @Imagesurgery @Weas3l

I am looking for help @Che to create an infomercial website.

Infomercial website has a get involved page contact everyone contact authors page.
We should pages based off the docs

Only people who sign up would have the ability to comment on docs.
Over time we can update the bases based on peoples comments and post email news letter and X group post based on those changes.

We should have page of expert speakers who can make presentations and be contacted to make presentations.
Speaking events would be announced by email news letter and X group post
People who go to speaking events would want to get involved would join and contribute as commenters to documents

We will need documents talking

  • about the City, and Provincial approval, codes.
  • contests for cost effective building plans for per-approval
  • about how to get involved politically and support candidates at ALL levels of government, City, Province, Federal.

Tuesday I will need to join the hackspace meeting virtual. Can we support virtual meetings at hackspace?

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