ESP8266 WS2812 "Partycat" controller

It should work fine with ESP-07, ESP-12, ESP-12E, or ESP-12F.

I have a few extra ESP-07 modules if anyone needs some…

Do you have a picture of the light box you used?
Something that shows how you laid out the led strips and such?

Yeah, I made a whole build video!


Great video…
I have a project that I want to do a video for but have been afraid to try…
My resolution for the new year is to do it and post it no matter how horrible I think it is…


Sorry this took so long. I’ve finally made a few dozen kits. I will be selling them for $15 including an ESP8266 chip, or $10 without.


Here are some instructions for building and programming, and details about what is in each kit:

Party Cat Instructions.pdf (1.0 MB)

To order one

Send me the appropriate amount on PayPal and a note with how many you want. If you don’t Paypal, PM me and we’ll work something out.

I will be at open house tomorrow (April 18) to distribute them, and can also leave them in the Drop Box if you like.

At the next SMD workshop, I’ll try to be on hand to help build them and program them and answer any questions.

Party on!


7 please… Maybe more, but I want everyone to have some. (this is for me and a friend at work)

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If people want to build the Party Cat together I’ll open the space for such an occasion. Let me know.


I’m going to need soooo much help with this…

@Hekseskudd we’ll have a party cat party. It’ll be awesome! :slight_smile:

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@lukecyca has all the party cat been spoken for?

The initial batch is gone, but I was able to scrounge enough parts to make 10 more which I’ll do tonight.

As of right now there are 9 kits still available.


You are the party king of cider and cats.

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I’ll take 1 if it’s available​.

One for me too!

@lukeo @Majicj Yes there are a handful of kits left, plus I’m ordering some more parts for a dozen more kits. You can use the PayPal link above of PM me for alternate arrangements.

I’ll be in Friday evening @Janet and would appreciate the help.

I’ll be down @gibbtall - what time will you be there?

Who was doing the soak test of the party cat at the space? Cool idea!

I’ve found the ESP on my NodeMCU decently stable, but I’ve found sometimes coming home I wasn’t able to form a TCP connection to it until I rebooted. This was pretty unscientific tho…

So what I’m saying is after the soak test of running the LED pattern, I’d suggest also running a wifi program and seeing how it does long term.

@lukecyca Any experience with long running cats?

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Got some errands so more likely 3+