Engineering Technician / Technologist - DarkVision


Sharing this job posting that may be a good fit for some of the folks here:

Position Description:

We are looking for a R&D Engineering Technician / Technologist who will be based in our North Vancouver office. The role is to do everything and anything necessary to support our research, product development and manufacturing. As a jack of all trades, you’ll be expected to learn and carry out a huge variety of unique tasks and as a result you’ll have the opportunity to learn many new skills. If you like variety and enjoy picking up new skills outside of your comfort zone this is the perfect role for you.


  • Building Big Stuff: There is a continuous need to build research apparatus such as robotic test platforms, test jigs, and our core products.
  • Building Small Stuff: Forming and fabrication of piezo-electric transducers, micro-soldering, molding etc.
  • Fixing Stuff: Diagnosing PCB failures and replacing and repairing components, refurbishing downhole tools etc.
  • Breaking Stuff: Carry out experiments and product validation using test equipment. For example, you’ll break stuff in our heated pressure vessel at 10,000 psi and 200 C and then figure out what went wrong!
  • Machining Stuff: Operate CNC mill and lathe to fabricate prototypes and experiments (no experience required)


  • Diploma or bachelor of technology from BCIT or similar technical institute
    Suitable programs include: Mechanical Engineer Technology, Mechanical Systems, Mechatronics and Robotics, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics, Manufacturing, CNC Machinist Technician, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technology
  • No work experience required


  • Competitive salary or Higher (Top $ for top talent)
  • Fulltime role
  • Full benefits
  • Up to 8-weeks vacation (yes 40 days!)