Email notification for when the Space is open


I think it would be useful if you could get an email notification or text when the space was opened instead of having to check the web URL or the chrome extension constantly.

I’ve been looking around webhooks, ifttt, visual ping etc but I feel like there is probably a much simpler solution.

I’ve got pretty basic web coding skills but thought it would be interesting to learn by trying.

If anyone else is interested or could point me in the right direction that would be great.

I’ll be in the space tomorrow night so grab me if you have any ideas.



That would be super cool!

For more info on how it works, check out the wiki page. That should have links to the code, as well as SMS and Chrome extensions,


I think @hectorh set up a way to get SMS’s when the space opens.



Thanks guys,

it says I don’t have access to that link though.

Any ideas?


Check again. You weren’t added to the members’ category, but you are now.


Awesome! That explains why I couldn’t find anything about it when I searched.

@hectorh would you be up for sharing the tech behind it?


It’s using the sms service. my server receives the text messages from and takes action based on the command it receives (it also serves some of my own personal stuff, for example I can start a torrent by sending the magnet uri). There is also a DB backend to queue up requests and a cron job to process them. isvhsopen is queried if there are any outstanding requests. There is some logic to cache the last vhsopen state in case the server can’t be reached (with an expiration time). I think I also put in some throttling code to prevent text spamming and run-away processes. Is this enough or did you want the actual code (it’s written in php)?


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