Electronics Space Improvments


The electronics area is set up and ready for projecting. To celebrate this, let’s refresh our consumables and tools.

I made an order of things I’m going to donate to this area.

What else?

  • Solder - @JohnC has donated two nice big rolls — Thanks!
  • Flush cutters - @chadleaman had a line on some of these I think
  • Iron tips
  • Solder paste - we have a bit, but it might be kinda old
  • Multimeters (most of ours are good, but you could buy new batteries for them and get them into good shape)

If you donate some of this stuff, make sure you clear out some old busted junk. I will be throwing out 5 of our worst tweezers when I drop off the 5 new ones, for example.


Thanks! The benches were in use tonight and are fantastically well organized. So good. I’ve also ordered a bunch more plastics reamer tools from Aliexpress. They should come in handy for toy hacking and hand-to-hand combat. Will be here in 30 - 50 days. :stuck_out_tongue:


Flush cutters and solder pumps bought, will bring in next chance I get.