Electronic Sculptures

A ways back @elizabot shared a link to some amazing wire sculptures by tech artist Jiri Praus.


I then took a workshop from Jiri (with Mohit Bhoite and Kelly Heaton) at Hackaday’s Remoticon. It was great! Here’s what we made:

Brass is a great medium as it’s fairly inexpensive (you can make this for about 5bux). The firefly runs off a 3V coin cell battery. There’s no wiring as the sculpture itself is the circuit. So cool!

If you’d like to make this, please do. All the files and how-tos are over here on the workshop page. Check it out.

Also check out the presenter websites for more electronic sculpture inspiration!

Jiri Praus
Mohit Bhoite
Kelly Heaton

If you’re a member, I’m doing a brass wire order. So if you’d like to buy some brass rods to make your own light-up sculpture see the details in slack on the #mail-order channel. The rest of what you need is at VHS. We have loads of leds and soldering supplies.

Shout out to Hackaday for organizing such a great conference. This session was super fun.


I’m mailing the brass wire order tonight so if anyone would like some please let me know over on slack in the #mail-order channel. Pick up will be at the space. :smiley:


Order is submitted. I’ll get that to the space as soon as it arrives. I’ve also renamed this topic to be “Electronic Sculptures”. Looking forward to seeing what people make. Please post project photos/ideas/thoughts here. Happy making!


I’m dropping off our brass order at VHS on friday. Here’s a great lil guide to soldering brass.