Electric Vehicle and Charging Info and Discussion

On Monday, November 4th at 7pm, I will be hosting an info and discussion event focused around electric vehicles and the related infrastructure. If you are interested in learning or sharing information regarding electric vehicles, I encourage you to come down to the hackspace for this night.

The focus of the night will be on electric cars, the current state, purchasing decision tools, charging infrastructure, navigating Stratas for shared access chargers, and other considerations for those looking to switch from an Internal Combustion Vehicle to an Electric Zero Emissions Vehicle (including Plugin-Hybrids).

Agenda to follow as we get closer to the event, but if you wish to be on the agenda to present on a topic, please shoot me a direct message and I’ll try to work with you.

If this at all interests you, please mark your calendar!

See you there.


Bump. This is coming up on Monday night. Thanks for running this @mike

Indeed! Come on down. It’ll be a bit more informal than I originally expected, but I have good stories about working with Stratas, lots of great information about chargers, and fairly well informed about EVs.

Basically this will be a round-table discussion, and if nobody comes, I’ll just sit around for a bit, so come on down and chat!


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I will be there. I am sure the informal round table with be a useful discussion.

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I am here a bit early, feel free to come down if you are on the fence

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Mike my email is tdwebste@gmail.com

Please send the EV charging notes.


Mike, I couldn’t make it. Can I have a copy of the notes? Thanks!


Hi Mike,

the talk was useful.
If you can pass a long the suppliers you looked at and the one you recommend and why.
That would be great.

I can pass this a long to the EV charger committee. The deadline you mentioned is supper helpful, because I don’t think our strata knows of it.


Hi all, sorry about the delays, emails with the content going out now. Its been a bit of a hectic week for me, but please reach out if you have any questions.

Did you send the email out. I might have missed it. Please resend. I will watch for it.

I did, but I just sent again, please confirm when you have it.