Edit: Completed! Cabinet and clothing- offering money to help me move it all $50

Basically as the title says - I have an old cabinet and clothing I need to get rid of at the South Zero Waste center (and a waster transfer station right beside it to dispose of the cabinet), but I don’t have a van that can hold it to help dispose of it, also I am not strong enough to lift it easily by myself. If anyone has a van here that can hold something that’s 160 x 40 x 60 cm, please let me know and we can arrange something! I wouldn’t need a ride back, I mostly just need help being transported places!
I’m in the Kerrisdale area, and don’t need to do it immediately, so at your convenience

If it isn’t allowed to make these sort of requests, do let me know and I’ll remove it!

The zero waste centre does not accept furniture. You need to take that cabinet to the waste transfer station.

The South Zero Waste center has a waste transfer station right beside it to do such a thing!

For the cabinet, maybe leave it out in the back lane like everyone else in Vancouver does?

Someone might actually want it and take it away.

If you feel super responsible, you could also call 311 or use the 311 Van app to report abandoned garbage, and they will come pick it up.

This is how all the mattresses get picked up.


hey, if this still needs to be done, I can help with this.

And the cost will be whatever the modo rental costs for the trip. (It will be less than $50, just in case, I’ll cover anything over that.)

Let me know, and how urgent timing on this is.

Bye for now!

This absolutely still requires some help for sure! Does Modo rent out trucks/flatbeds? I hope it can fit the cabinet if they don’t… The timing isn’t urgent, but the sooner the better honestly!
The biggest challenge will be getting the cabinet up the stairs at the back of the house, I’ll try my best to help with it.

I have a pretty big wagon (2016 Outback) and I’m happy to do the driving for free, but I can’t do any heavy lifting right now. :slight_smile:

Ahhh that’ll be an issue, because while I can do some heavy lifting, I will struggle a lot myself unless it’s done together.

I appreciate the offer very much though!

If @Omid is still willing to provide some muscle, I can do the rest, and I have a small dolly/hand truck that fits in the car, so let’s do this! Around midday on weekdays is best for me. The dump is a $15 minimum charge, but Value Village might take it for free, they say “small furniture” is allowed.

Just finished moving it today, so no worries! We got it all done! Thank you kindly for the offer even now!