E-waste pickup Wednesday 2021-05-05

Hi all. The Hackery will be coming by to pick up our e-waste on Wednesday morning. If you have any e-waste at home that you’d like to recycle please bring it to the space today or tomorrow and leave it in or near the e-waste bin on the yellow scaffolding shelf.



I have a few older 3d printers - is that cool to add to this ecycle pickup?

Does anyone want one / able to leverage the parts (@SteveRoy @iMakeRobots) for your 3d printer / robot builds.

I have:

  • 2 x ■■■■■■■■ Replicator
  • 2 x FlashForge Creator Pro
  • 1 x XYZ

Going to head to space this afternoon.


I’d love to grab the smallest one (the XYZ?) for hacking, if no one else wants one

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Might be the Makerbots actually, and I think those are more likely to be in working condition. Will measure both outer dimensions, and bed size.


If there are two of those smaller ones(makerbots?) I’d love to grab one also for hacking. Thanks @chadleaman . Also shout out to @steveroy if we can use them at the space fire away.

Edit: also fo shure - if you have ewaste bring it down. Hackery pickups are free - the more the merrier.

Thank you @JohnC for calling in a pickup.

FYI: anyone at VHS can do that at any time - deets are here on the hackery website The Hackery :: Request a Pickup and here is a list of what is and is not accepted for recycling


I did PM Chad and suggest members might want them.
I don’t think VHS needs them even for parts. There are 2x Prusa clones already being hacked at VHS for the ninja-flex 3mm filament and as I mentioned to Chad I’m not interested in 3mm filament and even less in trying to get ninja-flex to print. :slight_smile:
I have enough on the go right now


Here are measurements – none of them are small, and as @steveroy and I chatted about, if you were wanting to get rolling with 3d printing, you’d be best served with an Ender or Prusa. These do have enclosures, however).


  • exterior (20" tall x 18" wide x 22" deep)
  • bedsize (8" x 8")

■■■■■■■■ Replicator (lol is Maker-Bot) a dirty word?)

  • exterior (16" tall x 21" wide x 18" deep)
  • bedsize (10" x 8")

Flashforge Creator Pro

  • exterior (16" tall x 19" wide x 13" deep)
  • bedsize (9" x 6")

I’ve labelled these all as up for grabs. Message me if you want them labelled differently.

Google Photos


Btw the Hackery will be coming today.

Here’s what’s on the freecycling shelf as of yesterday. https://photos.app.goo.gl/z2nNeTnUoaFtDJkZ6

There are still two of the Bus LED signs. Keep those or have they been around long enough to E-waste?

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@Janet @Jarrett - right now those 3d printers dont have names on it, so they are in the “slated to go” pile. Think @JohnC is there today if you want it to be tagged / held for ya.


Last night there was a mad grab of 3d printers and I think they ALL found new homes.
I took the flashforge home on a motorcycle. The wind drag was noticeable.


Yeah all of the 3d printers were snagged.


One bus sign is mine and has ma name on it. It should be on the woodshop shelf and I will pick it up next week. @johnc please don’t recycle thanks!

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No worries thanks! Glad hackers snagged those so they can live on.

Slightly irritating. Oh well, didn’t lose anything.

Thanks for bringing them in anyway, Chad, and thanks for handling the pickup, John


I’m sorry that happened @jarrett.

Edit: I’ve also posted in the 3dprinting channel on slack.


No worries. On to the next project :slight_smile:


E-waste has been picked up. Thanks everyone!