Dusty (Wood CNC) helps make Tetrahedrons

Dusty the wood CNC is a pretty sweet machine! I’ve been wanting learn how to use it for a while.

@Reuben gave me an orientation on the CNC today. Thank you!

My project is making Tetrahedrons for art projects.
It’s pretty simple to cut equilateral triangles using a 110 degree V-bit which is the perfect angle for glueing all four sides into a tetrahedron.

1/8" Baltic Birch squares were attached to a base using carpet tape sandwiched between painters tape

Carpet Tape between layers painters tape for work holding. Carpet tape residue is really tough to remove hence the painters tape.

Triangle after cnc routing

Four sides ready for glue up

Glued and using 3D printed holders on corners for clamping.
I use these as surfaces for my paintings

ps. I realize there are faster ways to make these triangles (Table saw for instance) however I wanted to learn how to use the wood CNC.


Those look awesome!
And I like the 3d printed glue up jig.


lovin it!