"Dumby Post" Bike Racks Outside


I noticed this last night and it keeps bugging me. The rack outside is only held down with a single finger tight bolt. If you lock it well to the smaller triangles, it will be a little safer, but the thicker post would roll right out of any lock.

I’m still in “not yet a member” status, but best results would be 2 nuts and a lock washer per side - as tight as possible.


Best would actually be welded, but I’m not sure that’s how the property owners would approach it. Certainly it gives more reason for opportunists to linger so I would think they’d be on-board with it.


Good notes, but it’s best to bring your bikes inside. There’s no lock that really protects a bike. You can cut through the very best lock in a minute with a tool that costs much less.


Yeah I used to leave my bike outside, since we don’t have a lot of space, and several members insisted I should bring it inside for safety.
I think we should have a policy that says it’s ok (and recommended) to bring your bike inside, but we could agree that a bike that is in someone’s way may be moved (respectfully) without having to ask the owner for permission.
I’ve seen people stretching over my bike to reach their locker or other things, and that makes me feel bad. I’m all for “it’s in your way, move it!”.
That actually sounds like our project parking policy…


Yeah, I’m fine if someone move my bike, although it would be better off they didn’t take up floor space.

There’s plenty of vertical space to hoist a bike up to the ceiling.