DSO Nano: Any recommendations?


Hi Hackers,

I’m interested in getting something like this:

DSO Nano v3
SKU 109990013
Pocket-size open source 32bit digital storage oscilloscope
With 2.8" color TFT LCD
Waveform storage and playback
6 triggering modes
Built-in Signal Generator

Anyone have any recommendations?


Hey Andrew, perhaps add some info about what you expect it to use it for, this might help guide feedback. Cheers, Tom


Sure, sorry.

Mostly for simple electronics debugging (i.e. checking waveform of ws8211

Also possibly radio work.


I have one Andrew.

They’re… OK.
They’re pretty slow, at 200 kHz, it’s not good enough for a some protocols.
It misses it’s own trigger at times, it’s interface is a bit clunky.

But it IS useful to have at home to see things that are going fast.
I can lend you mine for a bit if you wanna try.


if portability and form factor is not an issue, you can also get one of these from china for reeeeal cheap:
they claim to go up to 3MHz for the analog channels
you also get digital logic analyzer thrown in for free.


If you are referring to WS2811/12 etc RGB leds modules then be aware that the common speeds for these are 400 kHz and 800 kHz so a scope that maxes out at 200 kHz may not work for you…


I just picked up a DSO203 (aka DSO Quad) for the office, as we needed a battery powered scope, and it’s very nice for the price! There’s community firmware (Wildcat) that adds a ton of functionality over the stock firmware also.

$237 on Amazon with same-day Prime shipping: https://www.amazon.ca/SainSmart-Portable-Oscilloscope-Channels-Bandwidth/dp/B0057M7YLE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497028639&sr=8-2&keywords=dso203 (despite there being another DSO203 on Amazon titled “latest hardware”, this one is also in fact the latest hardware)


Thanks all,

It turns out the Massdrop I thought had failed is actually coming through, so I’m giving this a try:


Thanks for the feedback!


This would be perfect. I’d almost go halfsies (or maybe quarters) on one…that way spread the risk in case it turns out to be junk.


it’s not really junk, i had used one at some point. the UI is as you can expect from the amount you paid, but functional nonetheless


I tried a google search on USBEE and they have recently gone out of business…which makes me wonder if any units being sold at this point might be the unofficial QA rejects (as happens from time to time)…


I think they most likely went out of business due to Chinese fakes like the one above.

http://www.ee101.com/download.htm “If you purchased a USBee pod after January 1, 2016, it is a counterfeit device and the below downloads will not work on your device. You will need to go to the seller for support.”

Just like Saleae but they’re still around https://www.saleae.com/zh/counterfeit


Aw poor little san franscisco based company … still I guess as a matter of principle …


i just found mine in my luggage, i can bring it to the space some time, if you want to play with it
no idea on the availability of the software though