Dryer vent kit I can borrow? Dropped earring in vent trap

Heya, anyone happen to have a dryer cleaning kit I could borrow? :sweat_smile: one of my earrings got into the vent dryer trap and I’d really like to get it back without having to buy a kit…

I posted this query in slack but I thought I’d also post it here just in case someone can bring one around for tomorrow evening’s open house at all

I clean ours with a shop vac and a small piece of 1/2" pvc hose to get to the tight spots. With care I think you could extract the earing into an empty shop vac without too much trouble.

From time to time I dismantle our dryer to clean it properly, this might be an option for you too.

The biggest issue is that I’m a renter, I don’t know if I’m allowed to do so and dismantle it, nor have the tools to properly do so… In any case, I would love to clean the dryer in general, but I admit I don’t want to risk getting in trouble with the landlord

If you happen to have that pvc pipe though, I’d happily take that to give it a shot and clean it out/ get my earring

You might be able to find a convenient tube in VHS scrap piles, whether PVC or aluminum or anything else. Also, adapting it to your vacuum is one of the few valid uses of duct tape.

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