Drop ins and bys

Hi folks: living in Squamish, I was wondering if I could drop by time to time for a short DIY project for a small drop box donation? Sorry, I can’t really manage to become full time member, nor to afford it, I don’t even know if I can come. On the other hand, I gathered and can bring a bunch of useful stuff - bits and materials. I got brass and nickel tokens plus gemstones! It is all lumberjack culture up Sea to Sky; so I figured forging highly valued hatchets and hewing axes that are hard to get is the way to go; plus, it can be done DIY, just need some courage and some drilling. I was also wondering how big a part can be 3D printed? Can I print a part that is 12inches x 8inches x 2inches large using one of the 3D printers at VHS?

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All best

Sorry, due to the current global pandemic, we have temporarily ceased our Tuesday night open houses where non-members can come and work with less hazardous tools on a donate-what-you-can basis. Please check back when BC’s public health guidelines no-longer include restrictions on indoor gatherings.

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VHS Talk Mod Team