Drop-in replacement for MCP2551?

I think my PCB doesn’t work because I have an MCP2551 that is supposed to run at 5v and my circuit is feeding it 3.3v. I’m looking for the easiest replacement. My first google hit is 5v to 3.3v transition - MCP2551 --> SN65HVD232 drop in replacement? | Microchip suggesting the SN65HVD232. Does that pass the smell test?

SN65HVD230 looks to be a true drop-in replacement. I didn’t run the math to see if the Rs resistor values line up, if you were using slew-rate limiting, but if I had to guess I’d say they do.

SN65HVD231 is probably a drop-in replacement in most applications (it’s the same, except its low power mode turns off the receiver, while MCP2551 and HVD230 leave it running).

SN65HVD232 is also probably a drop-in replacement in most applications, but it omits the standby mode, slew rate control and Vref functions entirely.

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