Does anyone use this fan/filter?


I came across this a while ago while looking for some computer fans. Just wondering if it has a purpose for something or if it’s just been sitting in the bin for ages. I could use the fan, but it looks like someone’s put the work in to create this filter setup.


Let’s use this for the Injection Molder exhaust, Thanks for finding it.


I believe this is used for our solder workshops to absorb the fumes. It’s good for children learning to solder so they don’t breath as much lead vapour and flux fumes.

If it’s still viable I see no reason why it can’t continue to be used for that purpose.


No name, fare game. Someone might have used it for that purpose but if you have another use for it I say you hack the shit out of it.


There are a lot of unused 12V fans on the shelf above the 3d printers.


None of them were 120mm, most are stock cpu fans.