Does anyone know how to sharpen scissors?

Hey folks,

The sewing committee has scissors specifically for use with fabric, these scissors are being used for other purposes, blunting them and making it impossible to cut fabric. We’d like for all members to have access to a good pair of fabric scissors so no one needs to struggle to cut fabric at the space.

We think this might be because everyone loves how sharp they are. Solution: sharpen ALL the scissors.

The problem is, we don’t know how to do this ourselves, and would need to pay for it to happen, unless someone in the space knows how this might be achieved.

Is anyone familiar with blade sharpening that could help us get the scissors in the space sorted out? You’d have support from the sewing committee, and if it’s easy, might just need to show us how to do it so we can do it ourselves in the future.



Perhaps instead of a drill doctor, machine shop and sewing could tool trade for a combination drill/scissor sharpener? Either in jig or unitasker format.


Ooh, something like…


I couldn’t find any 2 in 1 jigs in my google, but I’m not super familiar with the necessary search terms.

Blunt kitchen knives is a pet peeve of mine, so i bought a Lansky sharpening tool.
I have had some success with knives, though the mounting clamp I bought for it had the wrong threaded bolt to mount it and I haven’t fixed it yet.
It may work for scissors…

From the most recent Reccomendo newsletter

I asked at Dressew once, and they don’t do it, but they did suggest that a kitchen knife store might do it. (I think they mentioned one specifically, but I don’t remember what it was.)

I’d prefer to have a tool to do it ourselves, though. Possibly something like this
would work?

That multi-use drill doctor looks like it might work!

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This is on sale for 50% off right now, no idea for how long. Should we crowdfund it? I’m in for $30.

Very low stock or sold out.

I’ll throw in $20. We need $40 more to cover it. They’re in stock at my local c-tire, and I will swing by and grab it if it gets funded.

I’ll put in $20

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I’ll put in 20$ - who are we interacting?

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Plus taxes, so $100.79

Alright, we need an extra $10.79 then.

I am not sure what we are buying but i am in for $10.


Etransfers to, and I’ll go pick one up today.

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Minimum Interac transfer is $0.01 (I would have expected $1)